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David Walden

David E. Walden, composer, teacher, pianist and author of Music Theory For The Bored And Confused, (Berandol). David has written Stage Lights a musical cabaret show and in addition to performing in musicals has also acted in several plays.

His more serious compositions include scores for film, T V a modern ballet score, Pierre Gynt, sonatas for cello and piano, saxophone and piano and flute and piano, several solo piano works and a flock of songs.

Lois Birkenshaw

Lois Birkenshaw coordinates the Orff music program for the Toronto Board of Education and teaches courses for York University in Music Education For Young Children. She has published many articles and a book, Music For Fun Music For Learning (Holt Rinehart and Winston).

Lois has lectured and given workshops across Canada, the United States and also in England and Europe and has had a great amount of experience using music to help children with special learning problems.


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